French to English Transcreation

Automation, industry 4.0 and luxury brands: B2B and B2C

Multiple brands

When it comes to transcreation, I work on diverse tasks to help bring projects to life.

My role is to execute French to English transcreation, multilingual SEO, and also create original English copy for a variety of tasks including:

  • Video scripts of company product films, explainer videos, corporate films,¬†and create subtitles.
  • Product launch copy for social media, web pages, newsletters, original email copy and related copy for special events.
  • Transcreate website copy, perform multilingual SEO across the site and create copy with CTA’s on landing pages.
  • Merchandise text editing and proofreading.

Need an idea of what this looks like in action? Then discover a few examples of this work here:


Reebber by Mestel film


Cafag by Walke