Product Page

Long-Form Product Page

The Pop-Up Yoga Company: In-depth editing and professional review.

Project task

The client’s objective was to promote a luxury yoga retreat experience in the Alps. This was a high-ticket item.

The page had already been created and needed an in-depth review to improve the overall structure. Part of the task was to ensure that the story flowed, did not go off track too far and placing the call-to-action at the right moment of the page.

Project solution

Brand voice
Brand consistency, maintaining the voice of the message and immersing the reader in the luxurious location was key to keep the prospect reading to the end. My suggestion was to fully immerse the prospect in the story before speaking about the cost so they could get swept up in the idea of the retreat and really imagine themselves there.

Apart from grammar, stylistic changes and in-depth editing, I’d split some paragraphs to make the reading flow easier. I also removed information that went too far off the trail from the actual retreat.

Next, I suggested bolding and increasing the size of very important text by putting the contact email, some dates and texts in bold so that it was easy for readers to see. This helped make the CTA (call-to-action) clear.

If the reader wanted to take action and/or come back to the page later, it would help them a bit more with ‘quick-grab’ information that stood out. I’d also suggested making these a bit bigger so it stood out from the rest of the text.

I suggested some alterations and removal of an overflow of image re-selection was an additional area that was reworked for the final touches.

Once the final elements were implemented, the master copy was delivered to the client.

Visit the website: Winter Wonderland Yoga Retreat